Гостиница в Харькове возле жд вокзала, в центре. Цены, снять гостиницу недорого. Спа-отель (гостиница, сауна, массаж) Посейдон г. Харьков

Poseidon Hotel & Spa, Kharkov

гостиница, отель Посейдон Харьков

Poseidon Hotel & Spa is in a convenient location for Kharkov citizens and guests of our city.

Crossing the street Yaroslavlskaya and Poltavskyi Shliakh is easily accessible from Yuzhnyi Railway Station: 15 minutes walk or nearly 4 minutes by car (location on the map see in menu Contacts). From the underground station Tsentralnyi Rynok - 10 minutes walk.

Kharkov Poseidon Hotel & Spa is a great, cozy hotel, besides, it has a full range of recreational facilities including sauna, phyto barrels, Turkish hammam, swimming pools, spa treatments, Thai and classic massage. You can relax and chat with friends in the lobby bar or retire to the hotel room. If you wish, Wi-Fi allows you to stay connected with the world.

Superior rooms are pleasing to the eye for their interesting design and originality. In each room there is modern furniture, plasma TV, satellite TV, air conditioning. In the bathroom - the latest plumbing, hair dryer, shower.

In this Kharkov hotel there are a few rooms, only eight, but they are all furnished and equipped with taste and innovative approach to design. Each room at the "Poseidon" not only has its own name, but its own style fits.

So, on the room ROMANTIC dominate chocolate and peach colors, calm tones of the interior get a right side of romantic conversation.

Quite a different atmosphere is in the room FOR LOVERS - bright colors of textile, red walls - all this creates a festive playful mood, a desire to fool around, have fun.

Room BAROQUE is a noble luxury colored in coffee with milk. To dream, relax, and take a rest in such atmosphere is a real pleasure.

HUNTER'S room is decorated with wood, original lamps, as a hunting hut, here you will feel far from civilization and at the same time be able to take advantage of all its benefits.

Exquisite luxury and restraint colors, warm colors interior parts you can find in a CLASSIC room. Here everyone will feel peace and tranquility, assuredness and answer to the most difficult problems will come by itself in such a wonderful atmosphere.

NEFERTITI room really deserves to have a name so beautiful queen. Every woman in such a atmosphere, where the silk upholstery echoes the delicate draperies curtains, where every detail of the interior complements the elegance of style, of course, will feel royally.

VERSAILLES - who does not know this word? France, kings, musketeers, beautiful ladies... In this room with white king-size bed, chandelier with pendants, copy of Rembrandt's paintings - everything seems to be inviting to touch the era of the seventeenth century.

And finally, PRINCE'S room - light furniture, pelts and antlers on wooden walls, paintings - in this spacious room will rest even a Prince.

At Kharkov Poseidon Hotel & Spa you will meet friendly welcoming staff. Here you can sit back and relax, improve your health, arrange a holiday for yourself and loved ones.

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